A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

this is still in development.

songs will be                     "Helper"   




Credits "RubyEmereald" which is me lol i am the owner and publisher of the mod alot of credits for the people who helped me make this and Scott Cawthon

"Taco" art n stuff 

"Corrupted Tricky" ideas and stuff

"Chonk Boi (Lawyer?)"  Title Screen

we are still hiring soooo go here https://itch.io/t/1413259/making-a-mod-called-vs-hand-unit-from-fnaf-sl#post-344... if you wanna help! "you will also be on the credits"

macos and windows 64


SPOILER.zip 74 kB


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aw damn it, i really wanted to play in browser lo


@everyone we need help on the mod go to the link in the desc